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Doug TenNapel's work in video game development.

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Armikrog is a unique stop motion clay animated point and click adventure game from the creators of Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood. Unravel the mysteries of the fortress that holds Tommynaut and his blind alien talking dog Beak-Beak captive through exploration and puzzle solving!
Armikrog at Versus Evil

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim and Snott Earthworm Jim While Doug was working with the original EWJ team at Shiny in 1993, he was responsible for creating many of the key characters in Earthworm Jim, including Jim, Evil the cat, Queen Slug for-a-Butt, Psy-Crow, Princess What's-Her-Name, Chuck & Fifi, Doc Duodenum and Peter Puppy.

You can find more information and art for Earthworm Jim at Lemm's Earthworm Jim fan site.

Earthworm Jim concept art Doug TenNapel

Earthworm Jim Concept art by Doug TenNapel

Earthworm Jim game concepts Evil The cat Evil The cat Professor Monkey-for-a-Head The size of Earthworm Jim in relation to his suit in EWJ 1 Earthworm Jim character sheets - Queen Slug for a Butt Earthworm Jim character sheets - Psy-Crow Earthworm Jim character sheets - Professor Monkey for a Head Earthworm Jim character sheets - Princess What's Her Name Earthworm Jim character sheets - Major Mucus Earthworm Jim character sheets - Peter Puppy Earthworm Jim character sheets - Evil The Cat Earthworm Jim character sheets - Doc Duodenum Earthworm Jim character sheets - Chuck and Fifi chuck and fifi Early Concept for Doc Duodenum's World. Note the tape worm Early Concept for New Junk City Early Concept for New Junk City Early Concept for Buttville. Earthworm Jim model sheets - character sketches by Doug TenNapel Earthworm Jim character sheets - Bob and number 4 Drone cat Jim and the Queen

The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys & Boombots

The Neverhood Klayman Searching The Neverhood game was famous for being animated by the method of stop-motion animation - characters were made from wire armatures and then modelled with clay and other materials. It was published by Dreamworks Interactive. Joe Potter designed The Neverhood logo. Go to Pencil Test Studios, Inc for more information, and to see what some of the original developers have done since.

The Neverhood box cover The Neverhood box mini comic Klaymen 2 Japanese version of Skullmonkeys Japanese Neverhood magazine cover Boombots cover The Neverhood keyring