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Doug's profile on the Internet movie Database.

In Development

The graphic novels Ghostopolis, Monster Zoo and Creature Tech are currently in the development stage for being adapted into films. We will update this page when official information on those is revealed.

Go Sukashi!

In 2009 Doug worked with Westhavenbrook on the US internet TV series of Go Sukashi - a character created by Nakagawa shokotan.
You can find Go Sukashi! episodes on YouTube.

Go Sukashi


From the mind of Doug TenNapel - the man who brought you such animation and comic masterpieces as Earthworm Jim, Creature Tech, and Catscratch, along with the legendary Westhavenbrook, masterminds of no budget martial arts and the harbingers of the new world order of digital cinema - comes the story of the saviour of the sock people and his two loyal protectors, Burger and Ronnie. . .


Packed with off beat comedy and loaded with superior martial art action, the SOCKBABY series has already taken over the internet, and is now ready to move on to the rest of the world and all parallel dimensions. . . starting with your living room!

The Sockbaby Series can be seen online at Sockbaby.com


Doug's self-funded indie film is not related to the Mothman Prophecies movie.
It is live action and has evolving lengths from seven to 90 minutes! You will likely never see this film since Doug has little time to finish it.
We might be able to hammer together a movie trailer and post it here someday.
If you see Doug in person NEVER ask about his film. He is in therapy over it.

Newspaper clippings about the 1997 production in West Virginia!
Newspaper Clippings Newspaper Clippings Newspaper Clippings

Creature Tech

New Regency/Fox is making Doug's graphic novel into a live action movie! He's writing the script!

The outline has been approved by the studio and he's in the middle of the first draft.

We'll keep you posted on the production of this movie!

Koghead and Meatus

This is a ten minute puppet animated short shot on widescreen 35mm!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the Irvine production!

Doug Sculpting
Doug is either sculpting or cleaning his nails. Given how dirty his nails are he's probably sculpting. He has the good taste to wear a Mothman T Shirt.

Mike Dietz Sculpting

Mike Dietz sculpts the Kog-Head puppet. He has the good taste to wear a Boombots T Shirt.

Sets and props
It's a set. Doug and crew built wooden sets with foam and wooden props. That's a Meatus puppet standing in back.

Jeffie Two Times
"Jeffie Two Times". He animated tons of stuff and went on to work at ILM on "Attack of the Clones". He has the good taste to wear a GEAR t-shirt.
Some Koghead and Meatus concept work: Concept sketch