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Work for Children's publishing

Doug has published several full colour Graphic Novels for Scholastic Graphix which are suitable for Kids age 10 to 100.

Doug's 5 children's book series called "The Strange Kid's Chronicles" were published by Scholastic. They're out of print and getting difficult to find. The covers were illustrated by Michael Koelsch.

Goodie Bear

Goodie Bear Cafe Goodie Bear Goodie Bear is a character Doug created for Japan. He is "The world's Smallest Bear" being about as big as the tip of someones little finger, and lives in a broken coffee cup with a ladybug friend.

He was also the mascot for the Goodie Bear Cafe in Tokyo which Doug painted a mural for while he was there.
Joe Potter designed the logo.

Here is an article about the work Doug did for the Cafe at IT Media.

Goodie Bear

Strange Kid's Chronicles

Strange Kids Cover by Michael Koelsch Strange Kids Cover by Michael Koelsch Strange Kids Cover by Michael Koelsch

Goodie bear

Goodie bear key chain Goodie Bear key rings Goodie Bear stuffed toy Goodie Bear Cafe Logo by Joe Potter