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Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel's Graphic Novels

  • Doug TenNapel Scholastic author page
    Author biography at Scholastic. Includes a list of available titles published by Scholastic Graphix.
  • Nnewts
    Graphic novel trilogy published by Scholastic Graphix.
  • Ratfist
    Ratfist began life as a webcomic in 2011. Available as a graphic novel.

Friends, Publishers, Designers and Colorists

  • Scholastic Graphix
    Publisher for children's graphic novels.
  • Phil Falco
    Art director at Scholastic & book cover design.
  • Katherine Garner
    Illustrator - Colorist on Nnewts, Tommysaurus Rex, Ratfist, Bad Island, Ghostopolis & Gear.
  • Der-shing Helmer
    Illustrator - Colorist on Cardboard.
  • Bolt City
    Kazu Kibuishi - author of Amulet. Art director on Flight comic anthologies.
  • Mike Dietz
    Animator & Illustrator - Worked on Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood & Armikrog etc.
  • Ellis Goodson
    Illustrator & Animation, Comic books, storyboards - Worked on Skullmonkeys, Boombots, Mothman.

Developers and Games

  • Pencil Test Studios
    Ed Schofield & Mike Dietz's Animation & video game development Studio.
  • Armikrog.
    Clay animated stop motion game by the creators of The Neverhood & Earthworm Jim.