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Terry Taylor is doing music for Armikrog!

The Return to the Neverhood

Terry Taylor has created Neverhood music project! There is a Comic Book included with the CD by Doug TenNapel. You can get that at the Daniel Amos store.


Terry S. Taylor's Imaginarium album has been re-released with brand new cover artwork by Doug, more backstory by Terry, and eight bonus tracks.
You can order the two disc compilation online, at the Daniel Amos store.


Doug is the lead singer of the band, uh, if you call that singing. U2's "The Edge" is a huge fan of Truck and managed to have them open for a small gig in Oregon!
Doug had this to say, "Their food truck was fabulous... I've never seen so much granola in my life."

Album Covers

Doug has created album covers for Terry S. Taylor, Sunny Day Roses and Five Iron Frenzy.


Ed, Mike and Doug recording a Truck song Truck Truck album cover

Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy Five Iron Frenzy Live Cover


Imaginarium Cover