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Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel is a graphic novelist, video game designer and TV show developer.

BIO – My Daughter Turned Me into a Father

January 15, 2018

My daughter is now 6’3″ at sixteen years old. While she spent this weekend in Atlanta playing in a volleyball tournament, I’ll always think of her as the person who has changed me the most. The thought of having kids before one has kids is an intimidating thing. I didn’t feel adequate or complete as … Continue reading BIO – My Daughter Turned Me into a Father

Doug TenNapel BIO 2007: Pitching for Survival

January 13, 2018

“Doug TenNapel can pitch.” I’ve heard this phrase more than a handful of times and while I don’t take compliments well, I get a little charge every time I hear it, not because I doubt my ability to pitch, but because I know where I came from. I have two qualities that conflict in that … Continue reading Doug TenNapel BIO 2007: Pitching for Survival

BIO July 10, 1966

January 12, 2018

I was born in the heat of American turmoil, war protests, The Beatles and the recent deaths of both JFK, Huxley and C.S. Lewis. My dad and mom don’t have a clear idea of how they came to name me Doug other than they liked the sound of the name.

About Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel is the creator of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood. Discover more about his work in TV, film and Video Games at the IMDb.

Doug TenNapel’s most recent Graphic Novel is Nnewts.
Teachers and students can find more information about his work at his Scholastic author page.

You can find more of Doug TenNapel’s graphic novels at Amazon.com.


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